Sunday, August 07, 2011

First silhouette match...

Dead-eye Dick making a "run" of 7 chickens...
Well, I'd say I was humbled but considering I didn't ever get the chance to properly prepare for the match I'm not that disappointed.  Oh, I didn't do so well at first, only getting 2 chickens on the first bank but cleaned the second.  However, things went down hill from there.  I had no idea where to hold on any of the other targets because I didn't get to try the gun and ammo combination prior to the match.  I had a rough zero.  I did manage to get a turkey and a couple of rams.  One ram was hit in the base knocking it backwards from under the target and making the ram fall forward of the stand.  A little bit of drop there.  But not being properly zeroed was the least of my problems.  I was pretty darn shaky today.  I need practice!

Practice has been a big problem for me the past few years.  I need time to go to the range to practice.  Nana seems to think that my time is her time.  We'll have to make adjustments so that I have time to practice.  With practice I can be better.  Nana even mentioned that was so. 

I used my Thompson Center Arms Contender with 21" .22 LR Match barrel, a Norinco scope (since removed), and 1980s vintage Winchester high velocity 40 gr. round nose ammo.  

P.S. I guess I didn't say that I got 15 out of 40!  I can shoot better but I did not. 

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