Monday, August 22, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

The city decided to install more pipe in West Beverly street so it was another slow day EXCEPT...

We had a S&W No. 3 commercial .44 Russian 8" barrel nickeled gun come into the shop. Mechanically ok the finish was gone and only enough nickel remained for you to know it was nickeled. Bore was "fuzzy" with rust but one could see traces of rifling. SN 27100.

We had a S&W 1½ .32 RF revolver come in for "show and tell". Condition of what was there was way beyond the No. 3 but it was missing some critical parts such as the latch spring and hand.

We only did two transfers. However, we've sold several guns on which seems to be hot this past week.

On top of all that Nana is in Florida visiting her sister so I had a 3-egg ham and cheese omelet for dinner.

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