Monday, August 15, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

Today was a good day to work if you like to stay busy.  Things very obviously picked up and we did a good business beyond the 5 background checks (all but one of which sailed right on through).  We were busy most of the day without a break. 

The upside of my day was to see that one of our friends had consigned a .45 ACP Colt Gold Cup Trophy with original box and papers.  More than I can afford at the moment, Boss Man listed it on (yes, I linked to the auction twice).  This gun is really clean and in excellent condition.  While it has been fired, one can't see it as it has been well maintained.  No, I don't get a thing from posting about it here except to avoid committing myself to a $1000+ expenditure. 

However, the big thrill of the day was mounting a BSA Catseye illuminated reticle telescopic sight on a customers Remington Model 7 using his Weaver one-piece base.  Why a thrill?  Because it required a bit of attention to detail.  There is limited available scope tube at 1" diameter available for mounting and the Weaver mount for the Model 7 has only two place for mounting the two rings and these are set as far apart as possible.  Standard rings can't be used as one ring or the other will be limited by the scope 1" tube diameter length.  I finally found a set of offset Weaver Quad-lock rings and that was just barely usable as the next problem was that the objective bell of the scope nearly touched the factory barrel mounted rear sight (which the customer insisted on keeping).  But I got it on and the scope squared up and bore-sighted and the customer SAID he was happy.  We'll see. 

In doing that little bit of "gunsmithing" I got to examine the scope sight.  The customer bought it because he thought it would be more useful in dawn and dusk hunting.  One has a choice between a black center cross-hair, or red, green or blue using a switch on the left side of the scope.  The battery to light this thing is in the switch cap.  It comes with screw in lens caps for both the objective and ocular lens.  It has neat pull and turn, push to lock windage and elevation turrets.  Neat so far.  But, I think the thing is bulky and heavy and lacks flexibility in mounting.  I am very glad I didn't have to find a solution to mounting this thing on a long 700 action!

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