Friday, August 05, 2011

This week...

Even though I've got a match on Sunday Nana got a wild hair and scheduled a painter to come and paint our her front porch.  Of course that made me stay at home while she went to appointments and then, because painting the porch floor/deck when it is rotten is a useless exercise, I had to patch the floor.  Yesterday, I replaced 16 full boards and put in two "patches" or sections with partial boards.  Only took me 9 full hours with a 1 hour lunch break to complete that task and I wouldn't have gotten done but for Nana priming the bottom of the flooring.  I've got to tell you, the hard part was getting the first full board out without damaging all the other flooring.

Because I work today and tomorrow there'll be no time for practice.  We'll see what happens on Sunday.

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