Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Green County Examiner-Recorder, Feb 7, 1946


Albany—Hunting is one of the safest of all sports in New York State, according to figures showing
the number of accidents in relation to the number of licensed hunters during 1945 just released
by the Conservation Department.

"It is very encouraging to note," Commissioner Perry B. Duryea said, "that, out of millions of mandays afield last year, we have records of only 117 accidents in the while State. Among nearly 600,000 licensed hunters, less than one in every 5,000 or 0.002 per cent was hurt. Also, only 23, or less than one in every 26,000, were killed—less than the average death rate had all the hunters stayed
home during the hunting season."

 The records showed that, out of 117 hunting accidents: 23 were fatal; 40 were self-inflicted; shotguns caused 78, rifles, 36 and pistols, 3. Careless gun handling and being in the line of fire led the list at 25 each. Tripping or falling came next with 11; eight were due to careless unloading and
seven each of mistaking humans for game and ricocheting bullets.  Careless fence crossing, "didn't
know it was loaded" and having loaded guns in cars, camp or home took their toll, also, but in lesser

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