Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

I have been very busy and yesterday at the shop was no exception.

I walked in at the usual time and the ATF audit team was already hard at work.  I find it interesting that there have been 3 audits in a little over 4 years at this one business.  Officially, it could be volume (there are other higher volume stores with fewer audits), traces (again, other stores have many more traces than we do and fewer audits), or some continuing problem.  I know of no continuing problem.  We didn't close this time (as I think we had to do last time) and we were extra busy as well.  It was all elbows and... well, you know, it was busy.  We did a number of background checks and towards the end of the day it seemed that all were delayed.

The state of Virginia continues to deny buyers their rights because it hasn't funded replacements or full staffing at the office that does the background checks.  Although the system is "computerized", delayed applicants have to be "hand" done.  This is supposedly to ensure that they aren't confused with an actual criminal or that a criminal doesn't get inadvertently approved.  What it is really doing now is making law abiding citizens, including those holding concealed handgun permits, police officers, etc. wait.  I have heard of judges and state police officers being delayed.  That is ridiculous.  I believe that it IS an abrogation of their rights.

Anyway, there were no particularly exciting guns in the shop and it really didn't matter.  We were so busy that we didn't have time to look at one if was there.

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