Sunday, February 12, 2012

Service...CUSTOMER Service, THE key to business success

Apparently there are still some people who do not realize that their jobs, i.e. their paychecks, depend on customer service and that THEY ARE THE ONES RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT.

We were recently in Atmore, AL and discovered that there was a terrible problem with some companies in providing customer service, particularly those in the fast food industry.  We repeatedly had problems with the service provided in that service was slow, staff was inattentive and orders were confused/incorrectly filled.  We also had problems with being charged incorrectly on original bills OR when using charge cards.

As noticeably bad as this was in Atmore we have seen this same trend in some other places and extending to possible/probable frauds involving restaurant gift cards, inattentive staff, and other noticeable omissions such as forgetting special requests or failing to serve all meal components.

When this happens, we seldom return to a business and we have even left in the middle of a meal after making management aware of our concerns.  But we know that others are unaware of the cheats and frauds or unwilling to make management or owners aware of the problems they encounter but they do not return either.  Businesses suffer and so do the good employees.

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