Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Trailmanor saga continues...

It is my own fault in that I could have already had some of this done.  I just thought that other things were more important.  Anyway it was a busy day as I picked up the trailer and found a place to park it for the near term.  I also ordered some things to bring it back up to standards.  I was so worried about some other things that I forgot the keys at the shop but I'll get them tomorrow.

I did have a long talk with the RV sales manager who told me:
  • we have a fair price on the trailer at $7500
  • the RV dealership at Valley Honda and Volkswagen will be moving to the Koogler RV Sales site
  • Trailmanor IS still in business
  • Snyder RV in Salem IS still in business
I also discovered that my brake controller is still correctly adjusted and that I need more practice in backing.  

Thanks to Rick Sutton of Valley RV Service, Sandra of Snyder RV, Bill Linen of Valley RV and Marjorie of Shenandoah Valley Campground.

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