Friday, August 24, 2012

False Advertising

This morning a guy with a beef with his former boss caught the boss going to work and shot him in the head.  He then tried to get away but was spotted, pointed out to police who tried to arrest him.  Apparently he resisted and the result was that the criminal died and several others were wounded.  The media is depicting this as a shooting "rampage".  This is not a rampage.  It was a planned execution with a poorly planned escape route which resulted in the near apprehension and death of the triggerman.  Because this happened near to the Empire State Building during rush hour there was a crowd and several people were hit by somebody's pistol fire, perhaps from the police officers.  Gun control didn't work for New York City, the criminal didn't hesitate to bring his gun into the city, to carry it concealed to the place he used it to MURDER his target.  Does anyone believe that anyone that will MURDER another human being gives a hoot about any other laws?  If so, what sort of mental deficiency are they experiencing?

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