Sunday, August 05, 2012

Today's Silhouette Match

Boy, have I ever been looking forward to today's match. I missed the last one at our club because Nana had to have a vacation that same weekend and then it was cancelled because nobody showed up. While I enjoyed the trip, I think I'd rather have been at the match even if there were only 4 of us to shoot. I really enjoy shooting silhouettes.

Unfortunately I was no good at it today. I'm not sure why. It seemed to me that even when I managed to get a good trigger release with the sight properly placed I wouldn't get a hit. While I had 3 consecutive hits in practice on the ram swinger, I missed all but one of my 10 targets in the match. Instead of a 30-something which is more usual I shot an 8. Yes, eight. 8 of 40. Sad indeed.

On top of that the matches (there was a .22 at 100 yards match first) ran long and I didn't leave the range until 5:30. I think I need to practice. A lot. The next match is 2 September.

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