Sunday, August 19, 2012

Need some training?

Everyone needs training in something.  That's why we start with kindergarten and go to school for at least 13 years (hopefully) and then on to trade school or college.  We really never stop learning.  For those that want to get their concealed handgun permit (as we call it here in Virginia), you need to demonstrate some level of competence and if you don't have your DD214 then you might be one of the majority who need to take a class.  Classes consist of the rules and laws governing concealed carry and might, depending on which class you take, also have some instruction on actually operating the firearm and how to shoot accurately.  We always recommend such classes for anyone who has doubts about their level of knowledge on the subject and the truth is that learning can't hurt anyone.  In our area we have at least two people conducting the classes.  For details you would need to contact them directly. 

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