Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Out to the range..

I went shooting yesterday with the 4" Outdoorsman (pre model 18), Colt Police Positive Target and Browning 1911-22. All ammo used was the Remington Golden bullet. I wanted to see if it shot close enough to the sights to be usable for squirrel hunting. After I get rid of this stuff, I have about 700 rounds remaining, I'm going to go back to the Winchester Power Points. I've ordered another case of that, just in case. Shooting at 7 and 10 yards (on the same target for each pistol), I shot at standard 25 yard pistol target centers. 7 yards is about the closest I can get to a wild squirrel and 10 yards is about average for my handgun squirrel kills.  I used to think that I was quite a bit further but, after actually pacing off the distances, I found that I was getting quite a bit closer than I'd thought.  Here's the results.

The first target is for the Colt.  I had problem seeing the sights on all these guns but this less so than the others.  As I write this I have developing cataracts and wear progressive bifocals.  I hadn't thought that I was having problems, but I did yesterday.  We'll just have to wait and see how this pans out.  As you can see, even this bulk ammo was capable of pretty good accuracy from this revolver but was shooting a bit to the left.  Not a problem to correct as the revolver has a windage adjustable rear sight, but I lacked the proper screwdriver to permit a sight change while I was at the range.  

Then we have the target for the 4" Outdoorsman.  The gun was sold to me as a Model 18 but isn't marked as such.  Thus, it is a pre-18 or Outdoorsman as they were called.  This one has a 4" barrel and has been much worked on.  I was told that it would shoot, and I think it does shoot well.  I was interrupted on the range and so lost track of where I was and switched pistols before I'd shot the allotted 30 rounds.  

Lastly we have the target for the Browning 1911-22.  These are cute little guns.  Little is the operative word here.  They are 85% of the size of a full-sized 1911 but they are also mostly of aluminum and so light as can be.  The sights are also 85% of the original size making them pretty darn tiny.  This pistol seems to me to fit into the "kit gun" category.  It wants to group but properly seeing and aligning the sights seems difficult to me.  I think it could work for squirrel hunting but I need more practice. 

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