Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

Well, it was quite a day. Several times we had all three of us working the counter and a line forming. Other times it was pretty quiet but mostly, busy. Not a lot of gun sales but a lot of sales of ammo and associated "stuff".

A couple of neat guns in the shop right now. One is a Winchester 1885 Winder Musket, a .22 LR training rifle. This one has only the "issue" open rear sights and it looks really good, but... The but is that it has been expertly reblued with little loss of marks and no dishing of flat surfaces. Also, the wood has typical pressure and bump dents from being in and out of an institutional rack for many years. The bore looks good, I think it would shoot. Nice gun. I think boss man wants about $1900 for that one.

Then a really nice Colt "Black Army" Model 1911 came in the door. It seems to be all correct and came with a 1918 dated holster. MOST of the finish remains but there is some scratching from some source, perhaps the holster, and the magazine is correct but has had the bottom finish removed, possibly with steel wool by somebody who thought it had to be improperly finished. Don't know what boss man wants for that one. The owner's grandfather apparently brought it back from his service as an officer in WWI. I might head over there for photos if the weather breaks. Can't get any good photos with the indoor light at the shop.

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