Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Up and down...

We haven't been doing much except home maintenance/chores and then yesterday a bunch of things happened at once.

First, it was the 11th anniversary of 9/11.  There are no words to describe the impact of this act of war on the country.  Whether one thinks about it or not, the changes wrought have been pervasive and are likely permanent.  We now have HS grads abusing citizens just because they've chosen to travel in the name of security and we are no closer to defeating this enemy than we were 11 years ago, mostly because of vacillating foreign policy decisions that have convinced them that they have a chance of defeating us.

We had an opportunity to have dinner with you in the middle of the week.  I think your Mom and Dad were glad we took care of the cooking.  We really enjoyed the magic/gymnastics/yoga show.  Yes, Kirk, you look good in your football uniform.  I hope you got some good tips on situps from me.  I hadn't done 20 situps in a row for a long time now.  Dittos on the pushups!  Hope you feel better today Madeline!

This morning, we awoke to discover that yesterday's activities in Egypt and Libya were worse than we'd thought.  The Islamic nutters have been hard at it.  They attacked our embassy in Egypt to tear down the U.S. flag and try to fly one that extolled Mohammed as the one true prophet.  They attacked a consulate in Benghazi, Libya and murdered our ambassador and 3 other diplomatic workers.  The "protestors" claim that they are striking back because the prophet was insulted by a film made in the U.S.   They are too ignorant to know that their "prophet" was nothing more than a perverted, political opportunist who created the cult for political purposes.  This cult codifies the abuse of women, finds justification for many perversions, and exploits the uneducated. 

The truth is that you are still going to be experiencing these attacks for many years.  Although our President finally made a more definitive statement condemning the Libyan attack (not the Egyptian apparently), he's been thinking that since he was once a practicing Muslim (not understanding that now being an apostate he's among the lowest of the low to them) he would be in a unique position to engender love and understanding between us and them.  He's been wrong.  It is up to us, you, your parents, your aunts, uncles and cousins, to be right.  

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