Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving...

Once upon a time in a land far, far, away (Plymouth Colony) a number of people who had miraculously survived a period of starvation and want. They were so happy to be alive, to have survived both the ocean voyage and the period afterwards that they had a day of Thanksgiving in which they prayed after which they "feasted". The story is quite remarkable because these people had fled a place where they and their families were persecuted for political purposes because of their religious beliefs. They were so fearful of this persecution that they had embarked on a dangerous cross-Atlantic voyage in a small ship. Among that group of celebrants of God's mercy were your ancestors. Because of them and many others who took chances, risked their lives, labored all their lives, you get to live in the freest, safest, most comfortable place the world has ever known. Don't throw it away.

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