Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

I had delayed writing this because on Monday, immediately after work, I was tired. On Tuesday I was obsessed with the election. This morning I was angry/disappointed/upset/out of sorts. So, now, finally, here's the short run down...

We had a good and busy day on Monday. 12 backgrounds, a couple for multiple sales (if I remember correctly), but you get the idea. Busy. It is about time for muzzleloading season and many guns abandoned after the last season are finding their way to the shop for immediate repair, i.e. nipple and/or breech plug removal/replacement. Not all can be helped. Some were nice guns, once. Too bad. You have to clean as well as load 'em and shoot 'em.

We've still got the Winchester 61s in the rack. There's a Colt 1908 Hammerless Pocket .380 in the case as well as the Police Positive Special.

We joked on Monday what would happen on Wednesday if Obama won re-election. Well, he did and this, Wednesday, morning (I was only there from 10 to 12) we had 3 people come in wanting to look at guns to buy specifically giving the election results as the reason. They were right, too. Senator Feinstein has already moved to institute a gun ban and there would be no "grandfathering" clause. In other words those that have them now would be forced to turn them in. That's not all folks. The U.S. has, immediately following the election victory, backed the UN Arms Treaty Talks! So, get ready for another run on guns and ammo. It might not last as long or run as deep because people won't have the money this time around, but maybe, they'll be spending their food stamps and unemployment benefits.

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