Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Got out to do a bit of hunting today.  Went up to the mountain northwest of Elkhorn Lake and hunted that area.  No mast here either.  Jumped more grouse which was a bit of a surprise but saw no sign of deer OR bear.  When I say no sign I mean no sign at all.  Not a print, not any scat, not a single rub, not a thing.  I took the Savage 99 in .308 Winchester.  Would have gotten a photo of the gun out in the woods but my camera battery died.  I did get a photo of of the heavy fog that was on the mountain when I started in.  It was a wet and dreary day but it wasn't too cold and moving quietly was easy in the rain and with the sopping wet leaves.

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Anonymous said...

That could be a place I hunted
years ago. The edges of a series of
clear cuts in Michigan held lots of deer and grouse while they were growing back up.

Twenty years later they are so thick I can't even find the places I used
to sit and watch deer trails.