Monday, November 12, 2012

Notes from the gun shop...

We were mighty busy today with lots of phone calls looking for ammo and a number of people coming through the door who needed our time, not just stuff.

Had a guy bring in a Remington 742 caliber .30-06 which had supposedly fired before locking completely ripping out half the locking lugs. HOWEVER, the case was in one piece although the shoulder was blown all the forward to the case mouth, an almost cylindrical case. Oh, and the primer was flattened. The bolt is jammed to the rear. The rest of the gun is apparently fine. I was told this was a problem with the 742s. anyone care to comment?

We aren't having a lot of people rushing in to buy guns as with the 2008 election but we are having a few and we have already run into a back order situation on all AR-15 rifles and receivers. We still have some in stock but can't order more for immediate delivery. Dittos on the S&W Bodyguard .380. We aren't getting the rush on powder or primers at this time either. I think that local people either have "enough" from the last rush or no money to spend now but that in other places the demand is high enough to cause shortages we'll feel here.

We have some neat guns in the cases. Yes, we have the Ruger LCP and LCR but we also have 2 Winchester Model 61s, a SIG 938, a Colt Police Positive in .38 S&W and a Police Positive Special in .38 S&W Special.

I heard about 5 "from my cold dead hands" comments today. One from a young lady who was looking to buy HER first handgun (although she has experience with her dad's guns). I hope it doesn't come to that!

One hears nothing good about the election in the shop but Nana has a friend who now tells us that the Democrats are more humane. I'm trying to figure out how that applies to this administration.

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