Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gun Show Observations...

Gun show today. Line at 10:00 when they opened. Had to wait about 20 minutes to get in. There were ARs and some of the high demand ammo available even after yesterday. NO .22 LR except match ammo. One dealer actually had .22 Shorts though. I bought 3 boxes of .348 Winchester (2 of Silvertips). Yes, I have brass and 9+ boxes of Hornady 200 gr. bullets but I wanted a baseline for reloading and I thought it would help sell the rifle after I'm dead. Lots of disgust with politicians expressed while waiting in the line. NRA table was mighty busy.

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jrcrum said...

Just got back from the crossroads of the west gun show. Couldn't make it yesterday, and got a slow start today... got there just before 1.


Tons of people still getting in, even with just a few hours left. Costs $16 to get in! Ammo lines were still 1.5 hours... at all 3 big ammo places. No .22 or 9mm to be found. Ended up getting some 9mm reloads ordered, should be only "a few weeks". If I wanted .223 it would have been 6-8 weeks out for an order. Mag "kits" were $40 for what should be a $10 piece of gear. Saw a mag "kit" for a friends M&P9 for $79! Yes, that is for a single magazine!

Amazingly, there were still a ton of rifles (AR types) for sale. A M&P 15 similar to my (California neutered) $600 rifle was on sale for $2000! Un-f-ing believable.

Interesting time we live in...