Monday, January 07, 2013

Notes from the gun shop...

Another day at the gun shop, 15+ more guns out the door, more ammo out the door, more people calling wondering why we don't have AR-15s in the racks or when it might be that we will have some in the racks.  Boss man has sold many stripped uppers at $155.00 since last Thursday, we shipped 4 out today.  Currently 2 FNH 20 Round Magazines SCAR 17S are at $205.00.  That's for 2, 20-round magazines.  We had a full parking lot most of the day, a full store most of the day, no time to sit down, few opportunities to take a drink, and some of us didn't even get to eat lunch.  We also worked an hour late taking care of people waiting on us to wait on them at closing time.

Our distributors are unable to keep up with demand either.  2-4 day turn-around on orders has gone to a minimum of 2-week turn-around and they lost that battle with only some of the stuff ordered 2-weeks ago coming in today.  Even if the distributors have the stuff they can't pack and ship it fast enough to keep up with demand at our end.  

Business has been at least 4X last year at this time every business day since 14 December.  More and more people are getting the word about pending/proposed gun legislation and more and more people are acting to get theirs before they can't.  Also, more and more people are getting ticked off at the "stupid" government (i.e. legislators and President) for their actions.  It doesn't help that more and more people are also noticing that their take-home pay has declined due to the withholding change.  Yes, this includes people with last year's Obama stickers on the bumper.  Race, creed, gender, sexual-orientation, income level, are seemingly no barrier to this visceral disgust at what is happening in Washington, D.C. 

What neat, old guns have come through the shop?  Well there, is a pre-lock, pre-MIM S&W 686 snub and a S&W .32 H&R (4") in the case.  We have a milled receiver AK-47 type rifle from Century Arms, a Winchester Model 97 in good shape except for a missing butt-plate and the Poly-choke (not really appreciated by today's shooters), and a very nice Winchester Model 24 12 gauge ($500 cash) in the racks. 

PS - One thing I forgot to mention is that Colt is shipping their M4 type rifles with the Slide-fire stocks installed.  Colt!  $1900.  A pretty good buy!!!

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