Monday, January 28, 2013

Notes from the gun shop...

It was a pretty good day today. Not too busy, but it was busy. I think people are getting the word that we're just about out of stuff. We got a resupply of Glock pistols and promptly sold two. No ARs but there is an AK-47 type rifle. No Mini-14s (they were marked at $1400 at the local gun show this past weekend). We are starting to run out of primers, we've only got Federal Match in Small Pistol primers. We have no .22 LR except for the match/target stuff. We got some 9mm ball but we're rapidly moving through that even though we're limiting buyers to 2 boxes. We have some nice revolvers in the shop. We have Smith and Wesson Model 63 (4") and a 37 (3") both with boxes. We have a Smith and Wesson 16-4 (4") and we have a Colt Police Positive transitional/flat latch (4") in .38 S&W. Nothing really special came in or happened today. It is pretty difficult to just keep up with the volume of business we've been doing.

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