Monday, January 14, 2013

Notes from the gun shop...

We were mighty busy today. Boss man says that it was about average for a day since 14 December 2012. We did EIGHT times the usual business in dollars and had 14 background checks. We should be slowing down just before a moderate up tick as tax refunds come in and then as spring turkey season approaches but it continues to run as hard as we possibly can give what we have in stock. AR sales have supposedly slowed, but we sold all we had as soon as somebody knew they were here. Stripped uppers continue to fly out the door. The big thing is handguns. We had a big re-supply on Glocks but were down to just 3 at the end of the day. One S&W M&P semi-auto, a couple Ruger SR9s, and even revolvers, especially concealed carry suitable guns, have sold leaving the cases with a noticeably empty look.

Who is buying? Well, you can't put it down to any one group except that group they used to call "the silent majority". People who just struggle/work through life as best they can, living life the way their parents told them that God wanted them to live. 21-92, male and female, of all races and economic levels. One 84-year old came in and said she wanted "thirty-eight" ammo for her mother's gun. She told us that she'd never shot it, that her mother had never shot it but that she needed the ammo to "exercise my second amendment rights."

We did have several people come in asking for paperwork to join the NRA. We got it for them. Presumably they are among the 250,000+ people who have joined this week. I want Nana to join. I think she's waiting on Obama's speech which is supposed to be Wednesday. We'll see.

Meanwhile, those who couldn't afford a gun apparently decided to start buying ammunition, like the aforementioned 84-year old woman. We are starting to run out of .22 LR and 7.62x39. Primers were flying off the shelves. Certain powders are gone, gone, gone.

I was very glad to get home and get off my feet.

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