Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Notes from the gun shop...

The shop is down to 10 boxes of CCI SGB @$7.99 a box and match ammo.  We have .22 WRM, .22 WRF, .17 HMR and that is all.  The last box of .22 shorts went out the door this morning and it was an old yellow Winchester box.  I am told that NOBODY has any from Harrisonburg to Roanoke.  I have enough for myself because I saw this coming.   I believe I might have mentioned it a time or two.    

We are getting in some firearms but even with re-supply I think we are down to about 30 center-fire pistols and fewer revolvers of any chambering.  Since we have no modern sporting rifles the 10/22 is the next thing and every one that comes in leaves pretty much the same day.  We sell a minimum of 16 firearms every day which is much more than we used to do.  If he can get product the boss might be able to pay off the shop this year. 

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