Thursday, December 12, 2002

Beljan SGB Tool

I received my Beljan SGB tool today. Excellent service by the Beljan Manufacturing as the order was placed last Sunday (including payment by PayPal) and shipped on Monday. The tool arrived today (a Thursday). Cost including shipping was $12. The Hanned Line tool is $39.95.

I bought a .22 Short/CB tool since I already owned a .22 LR tool from the Hanned Line. As mentioned before the Beljan tool comes with a Delrin base (which does NOT fit the Hanned Tool Line SGB tool) which is used to hold the tool (the .22 Short tool IS short!) and to vary the amount removed from the nose of the bullet. I hoped to test a couple today but didn't have an opportunity to do so. Oh well, there is always tomorrow. Also, the quality is right up there with the Hanned Line tool. The finish is a black, not paint, but what it is exactly I don't know. Of course you get some of it to come off as you make your SGB ammo. The best way to store these tools is in an empty 35mm film canister.

Yes, I've made some SGB ammo (i.e. modified the bullets) and I am very pleased. The ammo I am modifying is CCI CB (in the original short case) but any .22 Short ammo can be modified. I do wish there was a tool for the CB in the LR case. This is one level of .22 RF ammo that is truly in need of improvement and this is an easy way to do that. At shorter ranges, say 10 to 60 feet (yes feet) this class of ammunition is sufficient for taking squirrels and rabbits but it often fails to produce quick kills if placement is a bit off. Modifying the bullet form should help in the same way it helps with the standard .22 LR.

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