Monday, December 02, 2002

Regards sub-sonic load development for the .357 Max:

I carried my S&W M13 to the range. Testing was quick and dirty without any good results but as follows.

The 1 gr. Unique and 1 gr. Bullseye with the buckshot loads were a bust. Just a mild pop but one shot didn't even make it out of the chamber! The 2.5 gr. Bullseye and 205 gr. Leadheads LBTGC worked fairly well. Certainly not a quiet load in the 3" barrel of this revolver but not the barn burner either.

The 14.8 gr. 2400/158 gr. Hornday XTP load was more deep throated than the 125 gr. bulleted "screamers" I've been loading. Those hurt my ears so much that I'd switched to a near copy of the Remington "mid-range" .357 Mag loading. I think that these 158 gr. bullets will be standard for the .357 Mag in my guns.

Regards the sub-sonic load development for the .30 Herrett. I've been thinking that the next step is to make up 20 more cases and load with the 200 Matchking, reversed. This will provide, as closely as possible, what is considered the most efficient sub-sonic projectile shape, the rain-drop. It will also provide a flat meplat for effective use on game (where legal). I will also have to drop the charge from 13 gr. to 11 gr. of Alliant 2400.

This week may not be any more productive than last so far as range work goes. Forecast for much weather that works against good range work, chronographing, accuracy testing, etc. such as sleet, snow and rain.

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