Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Well, now I've had another disappointment. The 200 gr. MKs would not stabilize in the .30 Herrett barrel!! I was sure they would, since I though it was a 1-10" twist, the load is very close in velocity to that of the .300 Whisper. But no, wait, it isn't a 1-10" or even a 1-12", it is a 1-14"!!!! What happened? Well according to some data I had it had to be a 1-10" or 1-12" but when you look at all the manuals they show their test barrels as 1-14". Apparently, in spite of what is published, mine is a 1-14". I even checked it out.

Oh well, back to the 150s and 130s, the 220s and 200s will just get added to the "I got'em but never use'em" pile. I guess I might try some loads with max effort charges so that I can eliminate velocity as a contributing factor. This is really a non-issue as I can't think of a valid use for the loads. I have no suppressor and don't plan on getting one (not cost effective).

Much has been made of the Trent Lott debacle and how it will affect the President's agenda. What I want to know is how will it hurt shooters and hunters (who often forget that they are shooters, too!)?

I have also got an unending desire for a "real" rifle. That is, a bolt action gun in something bigger than .30-06. Candidates include the .35 Whelen, .350 Remington Magnum, and the 9.3x62mm Mauser. These are all about the same although the last has some potential for use in Africa (like I'll ever get there). Went to all the local shops and all they have are some over priced (it seems) crap with tupperware stocks. Now I have Rynite on my Contenders but this stuff would make a toy soldier look like it was made out of quality materials. AND they want in the range of $600-1000 for one of these POS.

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