Tuesday, December 03, 2002

When I originally decided I'd like to have some .300 Whisper type sub-sonic loads for my .30 Herrett I did a little research. Unfortunately, either I got turned 'round or my source was wrong. 220 gr. Sierra Match Kings will NOT stabilize in a 1-10" twist barrel. It is the 200 gr. bullets that I was wanting, although I didn't know it. The two Match King bullets, the 220 grain is on the left, are shown here side by side for comparison purposes. they are also shown there in the normal flight attitude, i.e. point first. However, this is the way that I intend to send them on their merry little flight to the targets. Traveling base first is the nearest thing to what is supposed to be the most efficient sub-sonic projectile form, the tear drop.

Of course, if it doesn't work, I can always load the rest turned 'round the "correct" way! The load to be tried is 11 gr. Alliant 2400, CCI 200, Sierra Matchking 200 gr. I will also chronograph loads with both bullet seating methods.

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