Monday, December 02, 2002

Well, the Thanksgiving visitors and the weather combined to make the past week unproductive. However, it was more fun than it might have been since I actually got to hunt as opposed to sitting in a ski lodge in WV doing nothing.

I've got lots of projects and I don't mean "honey dos"!

1. Complete sub-sonic load development for the .357 Max barrel.
2. Complete sub-sonic load development for the .30 Herrett barrel.
3. Labeling of all ammo.
4. Updating of reloading spreadsheet (all entries).
5. Ordering of reloading tools (trimmer, new vibrating polisher, bullets, neck turner, etc.).
6. Zero verification of .22 Hornet barrel (and load development).
7. Zero verification of .218 Bee barrel (and load development).
8. Zero verification of .223 Rem. barrel.

I also will be doing some squirrel (and maybe grouse) hunting. Might see a turkey (I've seen lots of sign). Will be scouting for late ML season.

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