Saturday, December 14, 2002

I've not been shooting for a while due to weather and not even doing anything gun related for the last couple of days due to work. I am beginning to hate the fact that these 2 days a week intrude on my other interests. Terrible isn't it? I should be happy that I have 5 days a week to "do as I please".

I've just posted the link in the appropriate comments about SGBs about GS Custom Bullets of the Republic of South Africa. Unbeknownst to me they also make monolithic HV and HP bullets which are available in even our smaller calibers, such as .22. I don't think that Barnes makes an X bullet for the .22 Hornet!

I mention that because seeing the listing on the site reminded me that I have to work up some loads for the .22 Hornet, .218 Bee and .223 Remington. I also need to get my .22 WRFM barrel out squirrel hunting so that I can report on the performance of the .22 WRF loads mentioned previously (see the archives). Of course I really need to get down to my daughter's house and help her in-laws reduce the coyote population a bit.

Another task I need to get back to is re-working the .35 Remington loads for both the Contender carbine barrel and my Remington Model 8. I also need to check the zero on the Model 8.

Soon all the VA deer seasons will close. Hunting has not been very successful for me this year. However, I can lay some of that on the weather. It has snowed, iced, sleeted, partially melted and refrozen, etc. so that it is almost impossible to climb the local mountains or to move quietly across the snow. Constant crunching works against you going in and out of the woods. Even if you hunt the south facing slopes, you will eventually be forced onto a patch of crunchy snow/ice mix. One step and you are "outed" to all the deer in the neighborhood. Even squirrels are a might touchy about you moving about in their neighborhood.

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