Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Winchester Closing

Apparently USRAC/Winchester will close the New Haven, CT plant effective March 31, 2006. Production of the M94, M70 and M1300 will end for an indefinite period. Now, that is sad. How in the heck will USRAC continue without production of these traditional firearms (the M94 and M70)? Will some US firm buy out the rights to these and begin producing them again? I suppose we can only hope so. Perhaps one might invest in M94s or M70s as suits your preferences.

Another change to the order of things this year is that, according to Handloader magazine, Hogdon will drop H4227 in favor of IMR4227. Now, we all expected that a consolidation or simplification of the two powder lines would occur but I sort of expected that H4227 would stay. Apparently IMR4227's sales far exceed the Hogdon product. Guess I need to lay some back...

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