Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Just a couple of quick notes so as not to lose data (I'll add to this later)...

Under the 90 gr. Sierra JHC in the .32 H&R there was a noticeable amount of unburned Lil'Gun remaining. I must now try using the CCI 550 (magnum) primers.

The fine fellow who sold me the revolver recommends 4 gr. of Unique under the Meister 94 gr. in the .32 H&R case. I'll have to try that as he has high praise for that load. I see that Alliant recommends 4.0 gr. of Unique under the 98 gr. RN.

I shot offhand (duelist) with both Single-Sixes today. The aggregate target is pictured. I think it demonstrates that the gun is capable of good accuracy with certain loads. I also think that while I could put as many as 4 good shots on target I was pretty shaky sometimes. I particularly find the "hook" in the lower left hand corner funny. I demonstrates that grip consistency is particularly important with the SA grip.

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Loads used in the .32 H&R were: 85 gr. XTP over 12 gr. Lil'Gun .32 H&R mag cases; 90 gr. Sierra JHC over 11.5 gr. Lil'Gun .32 H&R mag cases; 94 gr. Meister cast over 2.3 gr. Bullseye. Loads used in the .22 LR were the Winchester Power Point and the old Junior steel cased RN. Temperature was about 33 degrees Farenheit, wind was about 5-15 mph from 3-4 o'clock.

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