Monday, January 16, 2006

I finally got the two Single-Sixes to the range (see the earlier post(s)). Of course I had to create some ammo for the .32 H&R in order to do any shooting in quantity. It was cold and windy at the range and the 25 yard "handgun" range was full but the regular 50-150 line was empty so that is where I went. I set up my targets at 50 and proceeded to bang away. I really NEEDED the stress relief. No chronograph was used.

Ammo used in the .32 was the .32 S&W Long loaded with 2.3 gr. Bullseye under the Meister 95 gr. PB cast, the Federal factory.32 H&R 85 gr. HP and 95 gr. SWC loads and 12 gr. of Lil'Gun under the Hornady 85 gr. XTP-HP. This sure looks like the bullet used in the Federal ammo!

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.32 S&W Long loaded with Meister bullet and .32 H&R Magnum loaded with 85 gr. XTP flank the bullets used so far.

As a matter of fact the Lil'Gun load has noticeably more oomph than the factory 85 gr. load. My first cylinder-full was the S&W Long load and it grouped into about 4" at 50 yards but a full 3-4 inches to the left of the POA. The next load was the Federal factory and the 6 shots fired put 5 on the groundhog vitals sized Shoot'n'See target. The next 6 shots were the Lil'Gun load which put 6 shots into about 3" and again, 3-4 inches to the left and slightly below POA. Most of the rest of the 50-60 rounds was fired at rocks and bottles left on the range by others. It wasn't all that difficult to make the occasional hit on the plastic gallon jug at 100 yards. This gun is lots of fun and recoil isn't a factor even in the light Single-Six.

Then I broke out the .22. I had only Long Rifle ammo along and this was that old Russian manufactured steel cased crap. I was slightly surprised that every round went bang. In fact, the first 50 yard group, while not on target, went into just 3"! Now that was surprising. Then, the next 6 shots joined them and I went back to plinking rocks and such out as far as possible.

Both guns are going to be enjoyable. I think this was money well spent!

Boxes are necessary, at least in my mind, for the correct storage of ammunition. I found that the MTM 9mm box works for the .32 S&W Long as I've loaded it. At least it often does. I've boxes of different vintages and at some point the molds must have changed as some boxes are a shade too shallow to work but others work although things are tight. A .38 Special/.357 Mag box was used for the .32 H&R Magnums but it is overly deep. I'm not one to enjoy the slopping about of ammo in the box.

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