Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Well, today I became the proud owner of my third and fourth single-actions.

One is a Ruger New Model Single-Six .22 Convertible 5½". I took it home today and have been looking for a while. Paid $280.  Although I intended to use it mostly in the .22 LR mode I've found that I really like the .22 WRFM cylinder and loads.  I don't have another .22 WRFM handgun and it seems to fill a need.

The other is a Ruger New Model Single-Six .32 H&R 5½". Paid $375. It was purchased from a fellow in PA and hasn't arrived yet. Heck the FFL and MO just went out today! It should come in next week and I'll pick it up then. Can't find the .32s around here, at least not with the adjustable sights. Folks must like them!  It should prove pretty useful even when using the .32 S&W Long as a bunny load.  I'm sure the .32 HR will do well even on game as large as coyotes. 

I actually planned on getting the two in 5½" length so that they would use the same holster.  Both are show here with my New Vaquero. 

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