Saturday, May 20, 2006

The 2006 political season is beginning to wind up. Every election is critical to gun rights. I hope that everyone votes. The sacred right to vote was won and kept safe by virtue of the sacrifices of thousands of men and women who did their duty.

I've been reading and listening to many shooters lately. They express a wide range of opinions some of which must be based on blind hate and unreasoning distrust.

I have to admit that I'm a single issue voter. That issue is gun rights. The reason, aside from my own firearm ownership and self interest, is that ANTI-gun ownership politicians are also illogical, often self-serving opportunistic, arrogant, elitist, and racist. Just as they won't allow individual citizens to exercise the right of self-defense, they seek (actively it seems) to deny the NATION an ability to self-defense. While they say that saving even just one life justifies "gun control", they simultaneously support the abortion of millions of unborn children even to the point of late term abortion where a full-term child is actually killed as it is born. They believe that everyone has an absolute right to free speech no matter how offensive UNLESS those folks are anti-abortion OR Christian. These are just some examples of many lapses in logic these people exhibit. How can one trust people who can not reason?

To carry it one step further, the Democrat Party is now owned by these folks. The few Democrats like Zell Miller are not supported by their party (and one has to wonder what sort of optimism makes them think this might change). Because the Democrats are also so good in forcing even the moderates to vote the party line, one simply can't trust ANY Democrat to support any "pro-gun" vote.

The Republicans, despite the best efforts of the Democrats to portray them otherwise, have mostly supported gun ownership and led the way in social reform including being President Lyndon Johnson's main supporters of the voting rights act. It was Republicans under Teddy Roosevelt who integrated the Civil Service and Democrats under Woodrow Wilson who reversed integration. It was Democrats who opposed, violently in some cases, integration in the 1960s.

In short, there is a direct correlation between the major party that most supports gun ownership and also supports all other forms of political and economic freedom. Support of gun ownership is a viable indicator of every other proper political thought. That isn't to say that there aren't aberrations like Howard Dean who is pro-gun (or was) and about as far left as Lenin or John McCain who's apparently worked extra hard to get along with all sorts of socialists...

So it always puzzles me, why are there gun-owners, rabid pro-gun rights folks, who ALWAYS vote for the socialists, aka Democrats? I just don't get it.

Now, we see that while Al Queda has been communicating within that they are losing the war in Iraq, we have quislings in this country obfuscating by any means but most recently using the NSA foreign phone intercept and phone call patterning projects as invasions of privacy. Those same folks call making English the official language "racist" and oppose making our borders secure against unauthorized crossing.

I suppose there are some out there who don't see that when these illegals get in this country and rob it blind, terrorize it or what have you these circumstances will be used to erode our gun rights. That is sad as it has already been attempted. ONLY the Republican control of the House and Senate has staved off this assault.

Now some of you aren't happy with GW because he hasn't been fiscally conservative, too liberal on the immigration issue, too long in Iraq, etc. You want to sit out this election to "punish" the Republicans. Well, I suppose that we can count you in on the Dems side. Not voting for a pro-US and pro-gun candidate is just like voting AGAINST the US and for the Democrats. May God help us all if these vituperative, self-serving, opportunistic, socialists get back into power.

Please, PLEASE vote this November, even if you have to choke it down when you stand in the voting booth, VOTE.

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