Saturday, May 20, 2006

Trail Cameras

My recent attempts to bring deer close enough to Mom's front porch that she can watch and enjoy them has had the side benefit of getting me interested in recording her visitors and thus in trail cameras.

I found out that there are a wide range in both price and quality, there are digital and film, and the method of sensing the game can vary. Unfortunately Consumer Reports hasn't done an article on Trail Cameras! I'll have to go looking on my own.

Well, the internet search first turned up CamTrakker who sponsor Then there's Hags House where they give you instructions on building a trail camera yourself. Not so sure I want to go through the effort and still have just as much money in one so I kept looking. Then there are TrailMAC, FieldPix, Primal-Vision, the Bushnell Trail Scout & Trail Sentry. As you might imagine there are numerous on-line articles on trail cameras as well such as this one from or's hints & reviews. You can even find collections of trail camera photos such as these from Minnestota Bucks.

My conclusions? Well, like anything else you can spend all you have and there is too much info to absorb in an afternoon of reading. I think I'll study on this subject a bit longer...

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