Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Chain(saw) of Love

Well, that is a bit weird but this is some chainsaw. A Stihl 280WB that Dad bought new over 25 years ago (30 maybe) and has run like a champ ever since, it has been good to me as well. Yesterday I was out trimming pines in Mom's "far yard" so that I can mow under them using the riding mower (lazy buzzard, aren't I?). Now for me, working alone (with Mom and her dog watching) this was some work. After trimming 5 trees and moving the limbs to the pile (for rabbit shelter) and mowing under those 5 trees I was beat and out of time. I rushed home and then, in unloading the truck, heard an odd rattle from the saw. Why, the muffler was hanging by a thread (literally!), one thread on one bolt.

Held on by 3 bolts, one was gone and one was rattling around inside the muffler. This morning I went to the Stihl dealer and got the bolts, came home and reassembled my baby. Interestingly, you have to take apart the muffler to bolt it to the saw. Anyway, with the right size allen wrenches it was a snap. Now, she's ready to get some and make my life easier.

So why am I writing about this rather minor happenstance? Well, because it made me think that I might have to get another saw and I was looking at the Stihls. My baby's counterpart the MS 280 is over $400! Whew! I appreciate Dad's wise purchase and this wonderful chainsaw all the more now!

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