Monday, July 17, 2006

Drive-by Shooting In Front of My House - Updated

So, I was sitting at my computer, perusing the latest posts on and pop, pop, pop, pop, etc. right in front of the house. My office is in the back and has a window on the side of the house. All I can see from inside the lighted office is the black shape of a car passing the limbs of the spruce tree(s) out front and some muzzle flashes. Got the phone and Maglight and went to check it out. Cops there shortly and picked up the brass, which looked to be 9mm Luger. Witness in park thought it was a Chevy Cavalier, dark. No ID on any of the people in car or as supposed targets in park. All quiet over there now! Happened at about 10:15 PM. Not such a sleepy town anymore!


No report in the paper. No known follow-up by the PD. Neighbors weren't even aware of what had happened!

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