Sunday, July 23, 2006

Is there Really a use for the Hollow-handled Knife?

I've got a Chris Reeve Shadow IV but can't imagine what I'd put in the handle. Money, gold? Ain't got it to leave in a knife. Fishing gear, ID, metal match? Photo of my wife, kids, me? What do you put in your hollow handled knife?

I suppose that I can wait for an answer, my knife has journeyed to Alaska and Rob Leahy at Simply Rugged for a pancake sheath like that provided for the Shadow III. We had discussed a Scandinavian type pouch sheath but I think the knife is just too heavy for such carry. It would bother me, I think, to have that much metal just banging about.

Of course, he's a joker, he had to give me some guff about taking the knife on a recent fishing trip and losing it overboard. I didn't believe him (it would have arrived AFTER he left on the trip), but after reading about how a fellow lost a customized 1917 revolver overboard I'm a bit queasy! Did I mention that I've got to get that lanyard loop main spring housing installed on my 1991A1?

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