Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Ruger Hard Cases

I never thought I'd be talking/writing about this subject. However, I came to be in a place where I had a couple of Rugers sans a good storage box.

One was the Ruger Speed-Six 4 inch. I have the original box but I don't want it in the safe. Other boxes plus my fiddling around in there is guaranteed to eventually destroy the box. What I needed is a good sturdy box in which I could store other similarly sized pistols or revolvers. The solution there was the MTM 804 Handgun Storage Box. This box is square, flat on top and bottom and doesn't have moisture trapping foam inside. Ideal for long-term storage of pistols and revolvers. Problem #1 solved.

Then I had my Ruger New Vaquero which came in a neat plastic box. Ruger calls this the "hard case" and sells them for $29-38. Probably costs them about $3 each. Anyway, I then got a Single-Six in a box and boy, did they stack nicely in the gun safe! Then I got the .32 H&R SSM and darn, it didn't have a box but I managed to find somebody on the Ruger forum who sold me one. Good deal I thought and loved how these boxes stacked AND protected the guns in my safe. I already had my Dad's 10" MK II, now with cardboard box. Like the Speed-Six box, this is just waiting to self-destruct as I stack other boxes on it or shuffle it with the other boxes in an attempt to extract the obsession-of-the-day. I also got a Ruger Old Army 7½". Looking at the Ruger website gave me coniptions thinking I'd have to pay 2 X $40 (including shipping) for a $3 plastic box.

Then I had the bright idea (not so bright for it to take so long) to check out the various auction sites for these boxes. Today I was lucky enough to run onto one for the Old Army 7½" at $9.99 buy-it-now. A quick click and it is done. The MO will go out tomorrow and hopefully I'll have it soon! Still need a hard case for the 10" MK II though. If you have one at a reasonable price (unlike some jokers on Gunbroker who are asking more than Ruger!), write me.

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