Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Thermacell a Hit with the Hobies (with UPDATE)

The Thermacell Mosquito Repeller Lantern is a hit with all of us in the Hobie family. It works. Might be a shade expensive but it does work.

You can get a mini-lantern for about $10, I don't know why they aren't all "minis". Walmart was about $24-26 for either the lantern or the portable model and I got a lantern anyway, it works. Got to find those butane cartridges as there is a discrepancy between burn times as advertised and in fact. They are the "Conair Cordless Curls Thermacell replacement cartridges". I should add that I don't know and don't care WHY there is such a thing as a cordless hot hair curler.


Found ONE source for the butane cartridges. for $6.29 a pair. Shipping was fast, via UPS and FREE. Bought 4 packages or 8 cartridges this first order. Why?

Because the Thermacell really runs through these things, even at the "min" setting. Perhaps my valve isn't right but I burn 1 cell for every 1½ pads. There are 3 pads in every refill box. Do the math. However, the system is still working great for the intended use of making the unscreened back porch livable.

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