Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tamarack and Guns

I had the opportunity to visit Tamarack near Beckley, WV on I-64/I-77. The food IS very good. However, I'm more interested in, can you guess?, guns.

First, I ran into a case with a flintlock pistol by Mark Whitt of Whitt's Gun Shop, Shady Spring, WV. I thought it was very nice. Then there was a Bedford style flintlock rifle from the Horn and Antler Shop. They also had some very nice scrimmed horns. Got to love the place.

Met a fellow at the pistol case who immediately brought up the Contemporary Longrifle Association show in Lexington, KY (August 18 & 19, 2006) which he said he would attend. The wife was tugging on my shirt sleeve so I didn't get to speak with him further. Would like to know who you are so drop me a line if you will.

Anyway they also have some great scupture of frontiersmen and the usual stuff that artisans make like turned wood bowls and such. Beautiful stuff. If you ever are driving by, take a break and go on in.

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