Wednesday, April 22, 2009

20 ga. vs. 12 ga. for self-defense

What the gentleman (Mr. Massad Ayoob) is talking about is the use of the 20 ga. rather than the 12 ga. for self-defense due to the reduced recoil of the 20 ga. compared to the 12 ga. People of smaller stature will likely (although not necessarily so with a properly fitted gun) find the 20 ga. easier to control than the 12 ga. This is important in firing follow-up shots in the event of a miss or multiple assailants (and, no, we're not talking zombies but home invasion).

Many times the 20 ga. guns, when built on 20 ga. frames, are much lighter and so easier to handle for that reason as well. Perhaps then the recoil reduction won't be the main thing, but rather the ease of handling the slightly smaller and lighter gun will be.

It is VERY important to note that every person is different. Even of the same height and weight they may well have different proportions as well as pain tolerance levels and these both affect how any given firearm handles for them. How a gun handles is often important in the level of confidence it gives the user. Confidence can be critical in how we handle crisis. I know of no more immediate crisis than the need to defend your life or the lives of loved ones with a firearm. Every advantage that you can have increases the odds that you will win and the criminal will lose. That is down to the nitty gritty and about as basic as it gets.

Hat tip to Xavier.

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