Friday, April 10, 2009

What is old is new again, the heavy bullet .223/5.56

When I started my Army career the issue ball ammo was the 55 gr. bulleted M193. Things have changed. Use of the M16 system in the middle east has resulted in a demand for better penetration at longer ranges and the M855 62 gr. bullet (which became general issue about the time I retired) came into use as did 1-9" twist barrels to stabilize the bullet. Now, the 77 gr. bulleted M262 is the thing and 1-7" twist barrels are the rage. The 1-7" twist rate is what I got for my AR15 and I ordered a quantity of the 64 gr. Winchester bullet to load for that gun. I was already using the Sierra 63 gr. SP but the Winchester bullet is cheaper and has a good reputation.

In doing all this and examining the various EBRs such as the AR180B, I was suddenly struck by how much the 77 gr. bulleted load resembles the old .22 Savage HighPower. Both cartridges move a 77 gr. .224" bullet at about 2700-2900 fps. What is old is new again!

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