Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Snow on April 8

It isn't unprecedented but it is unusual.  It isn't any great amount but it is on the ground and still falling this morning.  It certainly isn't a harbringer of global warming.  I remember my last April snow in Virginia.  That brought forth warnings of the coming ice age.  It was "our" fault then as well.   

It is a pretty safe bet that there will be global climate change.  We see evidence that there has been such many times over the life of the earth.  Species have come and gone at least partially as a result of these changes.  For most of that time man made absolutely no impact on "greenhouse gas" levels.  Still, compared to volcanic activity, man's contribution to these levels is relatively minor.  There is even a case to be made that warming, if it were to occur, could have benefits such as extended growing seasons and reduced energy needs for heating of homes and offices. 

Regardless of the politics or popular perceptions, nature will do as it will.  It certainly seems colder these past few years. 

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