Thursday, April 16, 2009

Del-ton, orders and production...

Back on December 23rd I placed an order for an upper and some parts. Del-ton had a 8-12 week wait posted on the home page which soon went to 12-14 weeks. It having been 12+ weeks since the order was placed I wrote asking for a status. I received an automatic notice that it would take up to 2 weeks to answer the e-mail! I did get an answer though.
We are currently Processing orders from the end of NOV we are trying to
get to your order as soon as possible but I did notice that you have a
1x7 barrel on order we are out of these and do not know when they will
be in stock we do have the 1x9 if you would like to change just give
us a call and let us know Thanks Pam
I made the call this morning to change to a 1-9" twist barrel. I am fortunate in that I selected the Winchester 64 gr. SP as the bullet I'll use rather than one of the long heavy weights. I'll keep my eye out for a 1-7 and switch when/if I can. It would seem that I might have as much as 2-3 weeks longer wait!

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