Saturday, October 29, 2011

Good morning white world...

I tried to take a panoramic view of the park across the street from the house.  I did it without a tripod and you can see that it isn't going to stitch together so well.  BUT, you should be able to see the "big" snow we got before Halloween this year.  Some people are really excited.

Last night we had our friends Steve and Barbara H_____ over with Barbara's daughter Beverly and her 11-year old son, Dante.  They live in Salisbury, North Carolina and don't see a lot of snow.  Dante was pretty excited by the early snow.  It is great to be able to play while the roads are still relatively warm and so clear of accumulation.

Nana is from Florida between Pensacola and Mobile, Alabama and like most people from that area she seldom saw any snow at all while growing up.  Consequently the "magic" of a snow fall is particularly strong for her.  It was for her dad as well.  Shorty and Mazie came up to visit one November and we had snow.  He had to get in his truck, drive across the street to the football field parking lot and spend some quality time "doing donuts" there.  He was 63 or so at the time.  I remember thinking, "is this why they say youth is wasted on the young?"  He had a great time.

As with most early snows, this one is pretty wet and the maples and some other broadleaf trees have yet to drop their leaves.  I just heard of one power outage, but such things are common in this circumstance. The northeast U.S.A. is supposed to get quite a bit more snow that we'll get here.

Yes, I would hunt in this weather but more so yesterday as the weather was coming in and the animals were out feeding in preparation for it.  Unfortunately, I'm working today.  Bother...

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