Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Squirrel hunting interruptus...

I had a couple of "chores" to do before heading off for fun and frolic with gun in pursuit of the "wiley" squirrel.  Without a care in the world, I walked out to my Ford F150 (late 2004), got in and started her up.  As I backed out I heard a fairly loud "click" and then a "whoooooosh" and then a "thunk".  At first, I thought I'd hit something in the parking area but couldn't remember seeing anything there as I walked up to the truck.  Then I noticed that the driver's side window was open.  Hoping against hope, I thought that perhaps I'd left the window open (but never do) and tried to roll it up.  No go.  Clearly the window regulator had failed.  Last February it was the passenger door regulator that failed.  So, I went and did my "chores" and then to the Ford dealer to drop off the truck and wait for a ride home.  No squirrel hunting today and likely not for tomorrow either!  At least it isn't raining.

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