Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jamison International Kaput...

Old news by now but I had a thought that I better record it here, for posterity don't you know, that Jamison International, makers and purveyors of cartridge brass, common and rare, are closing the doors.  The last orders have presumably shipped, the fights for the assets have presumably begun and a new iteration will likely appear when markets permit.  They did well when the government took all they could produce but they ignored their private sector customers for the big government contracts and have little brand loyalty to fall back on.  I believe I do have some of their .45-75 brass.  It is supposed to be good, although mine has never been loaded.  Anyway, the company is now one for the history books and a future reloader's trivia question.

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wrm said...

That's bad news.

I have some of their 45-75 brass and it works well.