Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Notes from the gun shop...

Mondays have got to be the slowest days of the week now. Too many periods of 15-30 minutes of down time, too few guns sold, too few people in the shop. I didn't do any background checks or lawaways on guns.

I had been gone over a week and so I missed a couple of things in that interim. Interesting things this week were a .38 WCF chambered Marlin 1889 Deluxe rifle with hooded front sight and vernier tang rear sight. It isn't all original but the price seems almost reasonable at $1869.00.

The shop had also gotten in a .38-55 Marlin Cowboy but it has already sold on Gunbroker. For those interested, it went for $882.00.

Most of my "down" time was spent re-organizing the revolver cabinet and going through the boxes of magazines. We do have an old model Bearcat in excellent condition but without the box. I disremember the price but believe it is over $400.00. We also have a Smith and Wesson New Departure Safety Hammerless, .38 S&W, with factory mother-of-pearl grips for a cash price of $250.00. The gun's finish is just about all gone but the grips/stocks are darn near perfect (at least I can't see any faults). We also have a Trijicon ACOG TA33R asking $800.00 (but I think Chris will negotiate a bit on this).

As I mentioned I went through the magazine boxes and did find 3 Weatherby magazines (2 5-shot and 1 10-shot) for the Weatherby .22 Autoloader. There was also a Colt Woodsman magazine (I think the later guns).

Had a good conversation with a local shooter who's getting into the 1000 yard competitions. John has shot over in Beckley and may have met Lynn H_______ there but he's not certain.

A good day with nice weather.


Alex said...

Whoa, that's quite a collection there! You must be an aficionado! We're planning to go on hunting trips next year. Any notes for beginners?

- Alex Galletti

Hobie said...


The firearms mentioned in this post were at the shop at which I work, Nuckols' Gun Works in Staunton, VA.