Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupying... wherever

My dear grandchildren,

I don't want to discuss politics in this journal but let's face it, politics affects everything including our hobbies and our family life. It will be affecting yours and what is happening now, today (and for the past 3 weeks) is something I want to tell you about.

There's a "group" (which implies organization) that calls itself or is referred to by the propagandists as "Occupy Wall Street". They've been camped out in a private park in New York City effectively drawing attention to themselves through their general and diverse opposition to all things in our society and by their slovenly personal arrangements there. The "movement" is reported to have spread elsewhere in the USA and the rest of the world and in some cases the "demonstrators" have acted violently. Yesterday this "movement" came to Harrisonburg and they've already "demonstrated" in Staunton.

Many of these people strike me as being the useful idiots of others (often seen masked in the videos). Ignoramuses who demonstrate their ignorance of life through the words they use in the "interviews" conducted by the "news" reporters. Some are clearly youthful idealists blindly rebelling against their parents (whose income comes from investments in American businesses). Some, if not many, in some, if not many, of these "demonstrations" are self-admittedly paid agitators. Paid by whom? By socialist organizations such as MoveOn.Org and the Tides Foundation funded, quite ironically for the "protesters", by such as multi-billionaire George Soros. Even more ironically, and you simply can't make this up, George Soros has made his billions from the misery of others everywhere in the world. Whether or not he has orchestrated these circumstances, he has repeatedly taken advantage of and thus exacerbated economic problems in one country after another. It appears that he has also been taking advantage of the current economic problems and again seeking to lengthen or maximize his opportunity(s) by funding those others who would contribute to disorder and disfunction.

Sadly, in 2008 the American people elected as President a man seemingly dedicated to the destruction of this country. A man whose entire upbringing was by socialists, bigots, and false religionists and for whom this country is the epitome of evil which must be "fundamentally changed". Further, his campaign was funded, at least in part, by the same people who are funding these demonstrations. Not so surprisingly, this man has actually made official statements supporting this attack on our economic and governmental systems.

We can only pray that enough others will be as open to the truth as we are so as to throw him and his party of quislings out of power. It may be that you will never get to read this but I think that if you are reading it we might have succeeded. I pray that we do and that you know that we, your parents and grand-parents back many generations, worked hard to give you the very best opportunities possible.

PS - Today we discover, not altogether unexpectedly, that some of the "protesters" are thieving from their fellow "protesters" just as they desire to thieve from us.  We also discovered by means of a poll of the "protesters" that this is their hobby and that they are overwhelmingly socialists with 31% of them supporting violence in pursuit of their goals (and some have exhibited that proclivity).   

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